The Team

A team keeps Ottawa Cares going: delivering food bank hampers and prepared meals, recruiting volunteers, developing technology solutions, securing funding -- and more! We would not be able to mobilize community response to the Covid-19 pandemic without them.

Thank you!

Rahul Chandran, Vice-Chair, Manor Park Community Council (MPCC)

Josh Cassidy, Sports Coordinator (MPCC)

Michelle Ruel, Volunteer Coordinator (MPCC / Ottawa Cares)

David Megginson, Megginson Technologies

Chris Courneya, In It Live

Thomas Arredondo, MapTag

Volunteer drivers (There are 190 of you!)

Thank you for helping build a successful foundation!

George Parkyani

Paul Saucier

Thank you to great partner organizations!

Ottawa Food Bank

Rideau Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre

Vanier Community Service Centre

Parkdale Food Market

Dalhousie Food Cupboard

Food for Thought Cafe

Nutrition Blocs

Prezidential Basketball

Boys and Girls Club

R. E. Wilson Public School

Queen Mary Public School

Manor Park Public School

Volunteer Ottawa

Thank you to supporting organizations!

Manor Park Community Council (MPCC)

Manor Park Community Association (MPCA)

New Edinburgh Community Alliance (NECA)

Lindenlea Community Association

Rockcliffe Park Residents' Association

Overbrook Community Association

Cardinal Glen Community Association

Thank you generous funders!

Red Cross

Government of Canada

McConnell Foundation

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