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Great picture -- from a very clever librarian!

Read the book titles from left to right.

This was contributed by Heather Amys, President of the Overbrook Community Association. Overbrook joins Manor Park, New Edinburgh, Vanier, Rockcliffe, Lindenlea, and Cardinal Glen in a community- and Ward-wide community response to Covid-19.

The first goal is to provide delivery of hampers from the Food Bank to residents using volunteer drivers.

Lots of talent and effort have gone into this project. (There are 40 people on my contact list!)

Care has been taken to ensure that the project is sustainable well after physical distancing and stay-at-home orders have been lifted. Regard for the dignity, privacy – and safety -- of all residents has been of utmost importance. The technology people are testing an app – think Uber Eats for Food Banks! – that can be rolled out all over our city. And, supporting the Food Bank and local businesses are top of mind.

You are at OttawaCare.ca – the website built to curate resources especially suited for our community.

We will be celebrating local heros, sharing heart-warming stories and great photos along with Covid-19 experiences re-shaping our communities.

Lana Burpee

Executive Director, Manor Park Community Council