Bambi's Blog - April 29

Bambi Ross is a local Manor Park resident and former principal at Manor Park Public School. Bambi's Blog features free online activities and resources that are fun for people of all ages!

Today's offerings are for the grown ups in the house. I try to find things that will appeal to all age groups in our community so today is a bit more focused on our "mature" community members, but I hope everyone enjoys them!

Petula Clarke "My Love is Warmer than the Sunshine" Doris Day "When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin Along" Hank Williams "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" Doris Day "Its Been A Long Long Time " The Ink Spots "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" from Linda  Phoenix Chamber Choir "The Longest Time"   For your body breaks today: I know we aren't flying anywhere anytime soon but these are great ideas for working at your desk I thought I might share something for people who may have mobility issues. THis youtube channel has a whole series of exercises that can be done while sitting. Why not try out a 5 KM virtual walk.   One of the most joyful things I have seen in a while. Thanks to Cato for the share! Masaka Kids Africana Dancing you want to learn more about these orphaned children from Uganda check out this website Storytelling for grown ups Online quizzes World's biggest film festivals joining together for 10 day streaming event 1920 tour of Ottawa Ruins of Pompei walking tour Have a great day! Bambi

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