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Bambi Ross is a local Manor Park resident and former principal at Manor Park Public School. Bambi's Blog features free online activities and resources that are fun for people of all ages!

Here is a list of all of the items I have shared with you so far that are for your viewing pleasure. Please note that these are not my ideas but rather ideas I have found in articles, facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube accounts.  Please note that some of the links may have expired and may no longer be available. I have tried to insure that all activities are free, do not rely on social media accounts, are easy to do and make use of items you have around the house.  I will  update this master list  again in a few weeks if we are still self isolating. If you are Harry Connick fan, he has begun a series called "Hunker Down With Harry" I have posted the first one here - He seems to have done several of them over the last few weeks. Fun mashup of dance scenes from the movies Ontario history stories A couple of Interesting online  home decor magazines recommendations sent to me by a friend Coolest things is a web series developed by a local This video is quite breathtaking. It was made with a drone and it shows what we can't see because we are staying home. What Ottawa looks like from above during the COVID crisis Movie suggestions books garden tour Don’t forget your car! Paris opera house live streaming Travel tv shows Royal Opera House has free performances Exciting entertainment news:  Cirque du Soleil has created a new online media opportunity where there will be shows to watch.... Marque tv 30 day free trial  Streams arts performances for around the world It looks like the NAC free concerts can now be seen on their website. Before I understand it was being streamed on Facebook. The NAC orchestra   The British Museum has a large number of videos on YouTube   Livestream the aurora borealis\ National Film Board Art museum and concerts Indigenous film  Fashion Canada museums More museums utm_term=A36AA812-655E-11EA-97D8-7D87C28169F1&utm_medium=social& Visit the Great Wall of China HGTV Streaming concerts Really interesting idea  - see what places looked like in the past Missing your trivia night? The next few videos are trivia quizzes on movies and tv theme songs and songs If you are a lover of theatre you might want to tune into these; And if you are a film lover this is for you! Bird watching? Nature webcams Thought this next video was a wonderful bit of fun and provided a shout out for NYC! BIrds can provide refuge! Thanks to Karen for this cool link! A little Kurt Browning perhaps? How about a Rick Mercer rant  I know I have posted about the National Film Board before but this might be of interest to some Do you have four hours to fill? RIdeau canal tour Theatre lovers might like to explore this idea  From the NAC For people interested in photography...    Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals streaming for free If you are interested in art here is an article about Prince Charles and his artistic talents. Some suggestions for your viewing pleasure! Ottawa movies From Louise who is associated with the Electric Street Gallery I provided a link a few days ago to Cirque Du Soleil free streaming of shows. Here is a 60 minute special from them.  This was trending all over social media yesterday. Dog videos with sports caster commentary  James Corden street musical in Paris Sent from a friend in Toronto a Mindful Minute sent by a friend Tour the Rijksmuseum View Golden Age masterpieces in detail Rembrandt's The Night Watch and many more Golden Age masterpieces can be found at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam’s most famous museum. Stroll the magnificent Gallery of Honour in the new online platform Masterpieces Up Close. Or browse masterpieces on Google’s Online Exhibits, where you can study pictures in minute detail. Keukenhof’s dazzling tulips Video visits to Holland's largest flower park The season opening of Keukenhof is usually a major event, with more than a million people visiting the famous garden each spring. But this year is different: Keukenhof’s millions of tulips are blooming in the brightest of colors, but with no audience! To share all that floral beauty, Keukenhof is posting YouTube videos so you still enjoy the park as it blooms. Around the Louvre and back Virtually stroll the legendary Louvre The renowned Louvre in Paris is one of the world’s largest museums. This virtual tour takes you from the famous glass pyramid in Cour Napoléon, through 10 of the museum’s most impressive galleries and spaces, all with 360º views. Rooftops of Paris New perspectives on the City of Light Virtual tours can offer a completely new perspective. Ever climbed the roof of Palais Garnier to look out across the streets of Paris? Exactly! This special Google virtual tour of some of the most spectacular roofs in Paris offers some spectacular views insights into life in the City of Light. Face-to-face with Van Gogh His most beautiful paintings up close The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is home to the world's largest collection of works by legendary artist Vincent van Gogh. Thanks to the museum’s digital collaborations with Google and other platforms, you can vritually stroll the galleries and enjoy highlights such as The Potato EatersAlmond Blossom and Sunflowers. No queuing required! Time travel on the IJsselmeer Step into Dutch seafaring history Go back centuries with a virtual visit to the Zuiderzee Museum in North Holland. Explore this beautifully preserved Dutch fishing village to glimpse a forgotten era; a time of sailing ships, fishermen, and perilous storm surges. Local Artist Phillip Craig is giving a tour of his studio If you have been watching a lot of HGTV over the last few weeks then this might be interesting to you. If you have not been watching this might encourage you to start...   Dont feel like dancing but enjoying watching dancing? This is a fun one with classic dancers dancing to "Uptown Funk"    uptown funk Want to some good news viewing? Check this out Some Good News - weekly  Youtube show by John Krasinski and Emily blunt Episode 1  Episode 2 Or I found these quite humorous if you like...  Jim Gaffigan videos with his kids watching his stand up.  If you do enjoy this families sense of humour he has been posting other videos of family dinners while in isolation. Exciting news for SNL fans tonight  A reminder of the Andrea Bocelli concert scheduled for tomorrow at 1;00 p.m.

Jason Alexander hosts a Seder - fundraiser for the CDC

This one might inspire you to try to find some old tv shows to watch.

To entertain you this weekend... Jesus Christ superstar will be streaming at 2:00 this afternoon  Been watching a lot of HGTV lately?  Sara Richardson's Youtube channel has lots to watch! 

A visit to Claude Monet's  garden

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