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Food Hamper Delivery

When the need for food bank hamper deliveries was identified, we recruited and coordinated volunteers to do the job. Starting with just one food bank in east Ottawa, we have grown to serve 4 across the city, supported by a dedicated pool of over 150 volunteers. Our plan is to develop the food hamper delivery service into a permanent solution for the city's food banks.


Recruiting, training and deploying volunteers for deliveries can get a bit complicated. Working with local company, InitLive, technology for volunteer management is being integrated with software to map a delivery route -- reducing hours of work -- and building a long-term technological solution. 

'Dinner is Served'

Not every person, or every family, can prepare safe and nutritious food.


Delivering prepared meals to those without cooking facilities, (ie temporary shelters), with physical or mental health challenges, or without financial resources to buy nutritious food was the next need we tackled.


Nutritious and culturally-sensitive meals are prepared in a not for profit kitchen by our friends at Food for Thought Cafe. Financially supported by the Government of Canada through a Red Cross grant and with generous financial support from Nutrition Blocs, we have served 9000+ meals directly to families.

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Iniatives - Dinner is Served
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